Let’s get it started…and other crud

April 5, 2006

Alright…so I've joined this…um thingy because I saw Nicole's, so everybody go run thank Nicole for my being here. lol. I apologize in advance I'm not very high-tech-so no cool fonts or anything from me-just type. Hope you don't mind too much!

Well if I was confused before, I'm lost now. I mean I try and get over him, and sometimes, I think I've done it…but then, something happens, and he's there-and oh god he cares about me he loves me…only he doesn't. And it hurts. Or maybe hurt is the wrong choice for this-but what am I supposed to say? It makes me feel like I've lost-like I'm losing him all over again even though I never had him…..

Look I've gotta go-I'm headed for the gym-but even that has lost it's joy-I wonder if I go for me-or just to impress both of them-to make Jordan think that I'm…..you know what, I don't klnow what I think anymore-I'm leaving before I think of something I might really regret.

– Jessica Lynn


One Response to “Let’s get it started…and other crud”

  1. yayitsmexx said

    I think you’re spiffy.

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