Yeah, confused I know

April 6, 2006

Oops, I forgot I don't alwasy make much sence… might have wanted to know that earlier…..but now you do! hehe

Back from the pool/gym I feel better now. Just thought you needed to know.

Now to make some sence!*warning:bad spelling may follow.*

It's hard to get over someone you see every day. It's even harder when your friends keep telling you that you can't. That there's no way you can do it. When the people you trust your life with-decide that when you need them-they're just gonna let you fall alone. Sometimes there's one to fall with-but even then it's lonely-I mean-where do you end up? At the bottom of course, but where is that?

It's beenalmost unanomously decided by my friends that I need to get over Chase and Jordan…So why don't they think I can? I do. It's hard to go alone-to go against-even harder when they keep telling me that one of them likes me. Today it's Chase-another day Jordan-and then people drag in random guys that just like me! People that flirt with me constantly that I don't hardly realize exist!

Right, long story short. Me-trying to get over guys. Friends-no support but totally agree. Friends-telling me how he SO loves me, how we look so cute together etc etc etc. Gag me now while I still don't believe them. But in all honesty I WANT to believe them…

"The best part of believe is the lie…"-Falloutboy

Ok-rant in that general area temporarily done-onto happy things and the reasoning behind my interesting name for this site!

Name reason:I just my own room-the wallpaper WILL BE a mural of-you gussed it a tropical paradice! lol. Bech at sunset-bathed in orange-silouetted*spelling I know* trees off to the side….pure bliss. The rest of the room will be orange.

Random happy things:

Random Fact:Porcupines float-sorry to all whom that may offend >_< lol

Chocolate and pain killer…..mmmmm

Bubble baths

Poetry and books…preferably my own…

Certain people who don't really feel like realizing I'm alive…wait is that happy? Right now…yeah, I guess it is.

The gym…and the pool. As long as I stop second guessing why I'm there*nods*

This long weird entry has been good….but I think I'm gonna end it right about now…ttyl

-Jessica Lynn


One Response to “Yeah, confused I know”

  1. yayitsmexx said

    this is a blog btw

    and i’m sorry that i’m being somewhat hypocirtical about chase

    i think its cute, you know, with you and chase

    but jordans a kind of playa, lol, i was talkin to him today and he stopped talkin to me to flirt to girls

    its was funny

    anyways, i don’t know to do anymore, i’m trying to get over someone myself, but you’re the only who knows and you’re not exactly criticizing me

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