Randomly Happy

April 7, 2006

I'm happy for no real apparent reason right now…SHATTER THAT AND DIE!!! lol, no jk. But don't kill it.

Today…hmm no hugs, no notes, no kisses… >_< lol no DUH. I'm just happy.

hmm……blooper of the day…I'd have to say letting Alex talk me into no wearing a shirt from PE until lunch…Even though it WAS entertaining to watch the guys stare…I WAS wearing a sweatshirt for those of you who didn't see me >_<

Then I played tag for oh-say 30-maybe 60 seconds at break >_< fleeting moments of fun.

At lunch we had fun interergating Trevor…It was a VERY disturbing conversation…but just as entertaining…I think XP

Talking with Jordan…about stuff….ask if ya wanna know. But I gotta go..

-Jessica Lynn


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