Post 101

April 10, 2006

-I didn't feel like being very creative at the moment

I spent the first half of the day at Kenzie's B-day party, sleeping, eating, riding her new Wave board, etc. Fun.

I'm avoiding calling any guys I know…Specifically the only ones I would ever call…>_<I'm dreading calling Chase for lots of reasons-one my parents totally murdered any chance I had of making a sword-so no eternal huggage for me… 😦 , two he was supposed to call ME back-not the other way around…I'm running out of time so skipping to Jordan. I'm not gonna call him…cuz…what in the hell would I SAY? Hi, this is the weirdo that can't stop thinking about you-so I called you instead! Uh…no! He knows a lot about me you know…maybe too much. But the only problem I have with that is it doesn't feel like he cares. I mean maybe he does and I don't know it…but I feel like I tell him these things…and he's just like yeah, that's great, and I'm like no, it's NOT. What's really bad is most of the time it's about him-and he really should have something to say about it…

Dinner time now…maybe later…I half made a fresco today. Fun.

-Jessica Lynn


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