After-dinner Chit-chat Going on Rant

April 23, 2006

After dinner now, I took one final blog test thing…it tells me what kind of kisser I'm supposed to be. And boy is it ever me, after that Ill fill you in on my trip ok?

You are a Romantic Kisser

For you, kissing is all about feeling the romance
You love to kiss under the stars or by the sea
The perfect kiss involves the perfect mood
It's pretty common for kisses to sweep you off your feet

Ok, now for Georgia trip details.

Airplane, 5 hours. Get there-laze around. Nine, call Jordan. We talked-I think I was maybe just a little too off the wall for him. >_< Anyhow, mpre nothingness until next night at nine. I call again, we talk a little more, he's gotta go. Next night at nine, busy can't talk. Whole rest of the week he can't talk or just plain didn't answer the stupid phone. And in all honesty the ONLY thing of any content were those short  conversations. Otherwise it was sleep-with some dreams maybe worth mentioning…read about 900 pages, and put together some puzzles.

*Yawn* Still not talking to Chase. I managed NOT to call him all week, but god why won't he keep out of my head? Why won't Jordan stay out of my head? Hmm lemme think about that. Well for one, those STUPID Chase credit card commercials won't go away, chase is a rather common term in books, and he's already in my head. Jordan's in my head because he's already there of course, I talked to him some, basketball is on TV a lot-that reminds me of him-some  person at the airport was wearing shoes that said Jordan, someone even had a basketball jersey that said Jordan number 23! It's not like I don't try to obsess over the two of them. But boy is it ever hard. Maybe obsess is the wrong word. I mean they aren't in my head THAT much…it just feels like it someontimes.

Somwtimes I wonder what life would be like if someone rescued me from myself. Some guy that really cared about me…but wasn't already caught up in my life too bad. I dunno, Braden maybe, or Chad. I mean they're close enough to help, but far enough to not actually be the source of my problems…well not any serious ones anyway.

I wonder if the people that hurt me-and yes people other than Chase and Jordan have hurt me-realize what they've done, or even what thet're doing. Maybe I'm too forgiving-ha, that'll be the day-but I don't think that the people who constantly mess with my life really mean too…well except for Chase. He doesn't count.

Remember how I wrote to Miss Sydney? Well after reading her "response" I've been debating writing back to her, something like this.

Dear Miss Sydney,

You did more harm than help in answering my question in the last newspaper about how to tell if a guy really cares. I took your advice and tried to find out the feelings of the boy I love; what ended up happening is we got into a fight and now wwe don't even talk. My mind wanders now, somethimes to suicidal things, but I have friends that put a stop to that-how can you give kids advice that screws up their lives?

-Messed Up

Or maybe I'd put a different name down, I'm not sure. But I think I know it would be a REALLY bad idea to submit something even close to that. The whole staff would be in an uproar over this potentially suicidal student. I don't want that.

Note to self: Don't take Miss Syney's advice without good reason.

Well my need to type has been satisfied. Maybe I'll call Jordan-maybe he'll feel like talking. In a perfect little world. Naw, maybe find something productive…If Jordan ever reads this I wonder if he'd a ctually have something to say for once. I wonder if he'd think it's weird that I wonder what he'd think. That was convoluted.

-Jessica Lynn


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