Smothies Rock Dude

May 2, 2006

Sorry about that šŸ˜€ lol-I love smoothies-they're almost as good as choclate…only without the antidepresants. But still very calming. Hyper-static people need to learn to calm down-lol. I'm only hyper cause I'm happy.

Hmm let's see…stuff done today….The wonderful world of testing! Not. More band music*not that anyone really cares but hey, this is MY blog…post….site…thing* The run was hell, I can't run like this it just doesn't work. More like it just plain hurts but whatever. Oh hey, I wore shorts today. Points for me…yay. Uh…let's see…I played tag with the "usuals" Jordan wouldn't play basketball with me today bleh. Evil person. So I got stuck sitting around at lunch doing nothing again. Oh and I didn't get and breakfast this morning…stupid alarm clock. Almost didn't get lunch either…stupid bell. Oh and I THINK JJ pulled the fire alarm again…but I'm not sure. Maybe it was a friend of his this time. Well that's school pretty much.

Hmm I've got guitar lessons in an hour of so. Maybe I can learn something else today, so far I'm "working on" Empty Apartment, Sugar We're Going Down, Back in Black, Smoke on the Water, Horse With no Name, Sweet Home Alabama…and probably other stuff I can't remember. šŸ˜€ Speaking of music I'm listening to like the best stuff ever right now. And why don't I torture you with some of MY poetry-yes stuff I made up-enjoy the depression-lol.

Lulled into a false sense of security,

Apologies said without sincerity,

And darkness consumes the world eternally,

As we watch it all unbelievingly.

That's some of my old sad..ish poetry, now here's a sample of my "happier" stuff..well it's at least neutral..ish. Tell me which you like, or want to read more of…and yes both is an option hehe. *wonders how many people will even read this…*

Streaming down the window pane,

Water simply gone insane.

Spilling down from up above,

Rain that only I could love.

Sprinting out into the street,

Pavement slick beneath my feet.

A place serene when others flee,

Just open up your eyes and see,

Droplets falling,

Nighttime calling,

The sky weeping,

While I'm sleeping.

Lines five and six are my favorites. Can you guess what the weather was like when I wrote this? I love the rain fyi. Oh and while I'm here with my books, here's one more by me…and if you're wondering my poems are usually really short so that one was specialful..hehe

Ocean waters draw me deep,

I'd let go of life in a single leap,

Leave it all behind

For no one else to ever find,

To float into the dark

That no one else could ever mark.

Maybe I need to make a seperate blog or website for my poetry…hmmmm I dunno…It's so tempting to type more poetry right now-but I'm not that much of a torterous person. Anyhow I've gotta go soon.

Hmmm what else…the mixed signals and teasing haven't stopped from anyone, but I've gotten it straightened out in my head that at the very least I've gotta wait for a dead givaway before I make up mind and get my heart set on something…I'll probably get hurt anyway…but hey-I'm at least prolonging it for a bit…right?

Aw heck who am I kidding? Geez this thing gets me all confused with myself. I should get my guitar and stuff…soon…but let's just say now and use as an excuse to leave…

*I used to be Schitzophrenic but we're better now… :P*

-Jessica lynn


2 Responses to “Smothies Rock Dude”

  1. The third one kinda sucks…but that might be my own critisism….dunno

  2. This is very nice and informative post. I have bookmarked your site in order to find out your post in the future.

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