I’m Back

May 7, 2006

I went camping over the weekend. The Girl Scouts can be fun sometimes…but god can they ever be mean when they want to. Anyhow….let's see. Friday I was 50/50 right and wrong. Better than usual. I did get a hug…one. There was a time when I could get a hug from anyone I wanted. Why didn't I realize what a blessing that was while I had it? Because I never get how much a blessing anything is until it's gone. I'm having some minor mental problems. Happy/sad crud. Just all confused. Gonna type every day that it's possible-if I don't type then there's something wrong. Probably. I'm not a very predictable person, so I dunno. But I'm good about journaling. Hmm…I'm bored, music time. -Jessica lynn


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