I Got my Bounce Back!!!

May 13, 2006

This is awsome. I lost my "bounce" around 5th grade. Well "bounce" is what I call it. But it's the abilitly to…well, "bounce" back after something bad has happened. Well I guess so much happened I just decided that this is life, I only get one shot at the good and the bad, so I better take what I've got and run with it. So I am.


It's nice to know that even if people don't love me in the way I seem to think I need to be loved, they love me as a friend. And you know what, for a 7th grader, that should be enough. So I'll deal. If it's the same situation after my hair is nice and long again and I'm in highschool I might start to second guess some things.

But in the meantime, because I feel I should, I just wanna give a BIG thank you to Alex, Jordan, and Nicole*going alphabetically so don't flip out if you're not first on my list* you three really did wonders for me.

And you know what. In the end, I got the goal I set out for at New Years, weird huh? I was trying to get out of the trap I'd set for myself, and I did. You see then I was really in love with Chase, and Jordan, and sort of on and off with other random people. But now, yes I still love them. But with Chase having a girlfriend, and Jordan being, well Jordan, I've FINALLY(took me long enough)accepted to a reasonable degree that hooking up with either of them is pretty much hopeless. Even though I still hope…But yeah. I lost my train of thought. It crashed with a different one…Which I'm not typing about because now I have a headache.

Happy Happy oh so Happy. lol.

-Jessica Peterson…full name? Weird typo? *shrugs* lol let's try again.

-Jessica lynn


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