Rockin’ Out to Random Music

May 13, 2006

And taking various blogthings tests again. I went bowling at midnight last night. And fell asleep there. Smooth huh? But god I was tired. Chase finally knows why I was/am mad at him, it took forever to tell him. But that's over now. I'm NOT going to post what happened. No way no how. Which is weird 'cause I'm willing to tell anyone (almost) who asks what happened.

You Are a Little Scary
You've got a nice edge to you. Use it.

I'm scary-RUN AWAY!!!!!

You Are Changing Leaves
Pretty, but soon dead.

Wait! Why am I gonna die soon? NOOOO!!!!!!

What Your Face Says
At first glance, people see you as confident and determined.Overall, your true self is reserved and logical.With friends, you seem dramatic, lively, and quick to react.

In love, you seem mysterious and interesting.

In stressful situations, you seem sad and helpless.

I sad and helpless no more!…for now. I be fun again….and get grammer lessons? lol jk.


Well I've run out of things to say. I'm gonna go shower when I'm done with AIM then go to the park and play some basketball maybe, or go to the gym(if my mental problems don't get me first), or swim, or just do SOMETHING. Yeah, it's inevitable.

-Jessica lynn


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