Mother’s Day Madness

May 14, 2006

Well today is a good example of what a living hell is like…Not that bad but bad enough. lol.

But my parents are fighting a LOT. When not with each other with the kids*me and Jen* Jen went out with John*her boyfriend* so it's just me and them now…I'm Doomed.

Anyways, if I get lucky I can just kinda slip out the door and jog the mile or so to the Double Tree. Do some weight lifting, run some, bike some, swim some. Then relax for a bit, then jog home. That'll burn anywhere from one and half to three hours. Depending mainly on how much I do, how long I do it, and if I really jog to and from the gym. Probably have to walk-I burned my feet pretty darn bad the other day.

I'm not coming up with much to type about today…maybe I should dig up some poetry…


You can't make me do your bidding,

I am not your little slave.

When I walked out the door I wasn't kidding,

I turned without a smile or a wave.

And now I'm free from your hold,

I can follow my dreams

And never again do as I'm told.

I'll walk away from your tortured screams,

I'll watch the sun set in the sky

Without a single tear in my eye.

I just made to have something to put up here…But that's how I'm feeling right now…even with all the yelling and the screaming and the crying. I wanna play a game, maybe I'll go to the park and play basketball after I leave the gym…

-Jessica lynn


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