Back From the Gym

May 15, 2006

And the pool. Geez I worked EVERYTHING today. My abs, biceps, triceps, trapezius, rhomboids, pectorals, oblecs, inner thighs, outter thighs, calves, hamstings, um… I can't remember anymore of the muscles…I had to memorize them last year and now I've forgotten! NOOOO! lol-I just wanted to see how many I could still name-but I did work em all. I lifted 140 lbs with my legs, and 62 with my arms, I did the "endurance" mode on the bike, that took about 20 minutes-and it was painful, then I swam five laps-10 lengths-and geez after that I needed some time in the jacoozi and a cold shower. lol. You didn't to really read any of this-I feel like typing it.

This is entertaining…but I'm going to stop now.

-Jessica lynn


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