MORE Guy Problems*Only this Time it’s Jordan*

May 16, 2006

Ok this is going to probabaly sound really weird-and I apologize, but I can't help if my PC crashes in the middle of me typing.Anyways…Let's see if I can pull this off again.

Jordan can be a really sweet guy sometimes, but othertimes I just wanna slap him good and hard across the cheek.*funny how slapping can be apealing to punching-it still leaves a mark but it stings too* Now I know that what other people think about me doesn't really matter-that it's all what I think about me. But sometimes I let people get close enough to influence what I think. Jordan's one those people. Here's a good example*not really but I'm using it anyway*

Jordan's been reading my wordpress, and talking to me, just little things like that make me totally ecstatic. Sad I know but true. I'm pretty easy to please. But lately he's stopped reading my wordpress, and it makes me feel like a dropped toy-like I'm not worthy of attention anymore. And it sucks. It's not like he wants to hurt me-I don't think-but he does anyway.

MY philosophy in life used to be "Take what ya got, 'cause you're only getting it once, pick it up and run with it. Run as fast ,as far, and and long as you possibly can, and don't stop 'til ya drop." these days it's a little mjore like "kill me now." I wanna be that way again. But I'm not sure how. I'm second guessing EVERYTHING-like why I go to gym. Heck even why I talk to Jordan, or Chase!

Why I type this instead of making a new blog is a question I've answered. I hate the answer. Loathe it. In a sense. At the same time I wanna hug it, and kiss it, and be like "OMG I love you!!!" lol jk, but you get the picture.

I am really out of time. I wanna post this before the internet shuts off…so…


jk, night.

-Jessica lynn


One Response to “MORE Guy Problems*Only this Time it’s Jordan*”

  1. LL COOL J said

    u thought i havent been reading it? and why would u slap me? i never did anything to u. but anyway ive been reading, just not commenting



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