Because I’m Uncreative and Lazy…

May 18, 2006

This isn't gonna be much of a post but I'm gonna try and answer all of your questions Jordan. *and ones you didn't ask :P*

Ok, YES I thought you haven't been reading this. I kinda need you to post if you read it. *yes even if all you have to say is "ok…." I know this probably seems pretty weird or pathetic, or whatever you wanna call it, but I really need*ok WANT* to feel like you care*and even if you do care and just don't post I still want you to post*and when I can actually TELL that you've read this it makes me feel like you care.* *even though you already care..hehe-confusing huh?

Question number two: Why would I ever want to slap you? Oh there are SO many reasons. I don't know where to begin. Well let's see…for all the times you've been a jerk, for all the times you ignored me, hurt me, scared me, crushed my hopes…Do I need to go on? If I do actually ask ME, I don't care if you have to call me, find me at school, or just IM me, but I'm not going to put that on this…a certain someone would kill me :D. But yeah, and that's not even HALF of it!

…Going on…Wait…I think that's it….if it's not tell me ok? Hehe…Almost out of time.

Anyhow right now it's Chase I feel like slapping*I feel so girly saying I wanna slap someone…I hate it* But I can't tell anyone the whole story…hehe-sorry. Anyhow he got on AIM for the first time in almost a year….and he won't talk to me!!!! *Screams-lol*

Take deep breaths now….in……and out…….in…….and out

-Jessica lynn


One Response to “Because I’m Uncreative and Lazy…”

  1. crazyguy1292 said

    slapping is manly
    it hurts

    a lot

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