Hehehehe….Pain :(

June 3, 2006

Yeah, I DID listen to Chase a little bit, I didn't take any pain killers today-god do I regret it. I was in so much pain, I didn't wanna talk to Jordan, and wouldn't really talk to anyone without being a bitch. Yeah…pain X_X Anyways, since Mr. Shack let me, when he showed my video-I hid under the desk 😀 it was fun. Oh, and I spent almost all lunch with Andrew and Braden, I was sitting in Andrew's lap-becasue he ASKED me to…well actually just said I could…so I did. 😛 lol. I got SOAKED at lunch, both of my shirts are still wet.

And OMG, I was SO totally not here today, what with the pain, the heat, and everything else. I decided that for some reason*maybe it was what he was wearing-I dunno* that at break I was just gonna go up to Chase say "Don't ask me why but you're really cute today so I'm gonna hug you." and then hug him, so I did. LOL. It made me happy, but I shouldn't have. But then again it's mostly his fault I didn't take pain killers today….I dunno. lol

I wanted to hug Chad and/or Jordan too…But I'm not gonna push my luck. Really, these days I think I'm just kinda flirting with everyone, but not gonna ask anyone out, I'm gonna see if any of the guys will come to me. Mean time, I can have fun messin' with their heads. I know it drives Dan crazy, so at least one good thing is comin' outta this. lol.

I feel all lonely like…But I don't really care much. I have my books, my bubble baths, and my music. My sister drags her boyfriend EVERYWHERE I just wanna slap her. But I guess that would be sorta hypocritical…Not really. Hmm…

I feel really left out in a lot of things these days. I'm just about the only one of my friends that hasn;t kissed someone, or been kissed. Heck I think I AM the only one of my friends! Never even really had a boyfriend. Nobody takes me anywhere either…*and here's why-I complain too much!-but I wouldn't if someone actually TOOK me SOMEWHERE!!!!!…ok then*

Nobody can do anything this weekend…sadness. So I gotta go Orienteering with my sis, her boyfriend, and 2 girls from our scout troop. Hm, who's the oddball out? Now if Chicken brings Chase*her boyfriend-sniff, makes me jealous* then I cn pair with Lindsey who also currently has no boyfriend…If not….well. I'm a loner. Ah well.

"Nothing really matters, anyone can see, nothing really matters, to me."-Bohimian Rhapsody by Queen

-Jessica lynn


3 Responses to “Hehehehe….Pain :(”

  1. crazyguy1292 said

    loners are cooler than anyone else cuz they cant do whatever the hell they want
    i said something that makes sense

  2. I think you mean loners CAN do whatever they want…but iunno. lol

  3. crazyguy1292 said

    Lolz, mebbe i should check mah spelling b4 i submit the comments eh babe?

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