June 9, 2006

LOL. THAT sounds weird huh? But today I got LOTS of good things…for no reason! lol. Like one-I got to play some really fun basketball…and win; two-it was with Jordan 😉 ; three-I finally managed to do something fun with my hair; four-I had hot chocolate, caffinated soda, and biscuits SMOTHERED in butter and honey-lol-yummy 😀 ; five-I have STRAIGHT A's!!!!; six-we started sex ed today-now all the guys in my class understand A-my addiction/ need*not really but you know…*for caffine, chocolate, and pain killer and B my insessant mood swings; seven-I'm still HERE, AND ALIVE.

Geez, I was happy and now…mostly thanks to Wyatt*and my parents but not so much* I'm pretty f***ed up.

So I'm calling Jordan…no that has nothing to do with why…I just got finished being a bitch and storming all over the house etc etc etc. Doing the dishes and other heinous crud.

I'm to weirded out to finish this…

-Jessica lynn


2 Responses to “Mmmmm…Basketball”

  1. you are by far the wierdest girl i know…

  2. crazyguy1292 said

    I’m sorry… I don’t remember what i did but it sounds like i was being me, which probably wasn’t a good thing 2 years ago…

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