June 15, 2006

lol-I know-not your average drink-especially on a hot summer(ish) day, but hey-it's good. And it really helps my throat. I've been singing so much it's going kind of hoarse. And it feels real good holding a nice hot mug after playing my guitar. It's just so…Relaxing. I need more relaxation time like this. When at the very least my problems aren't bothering me. This is almost as good as talking to Jordan. lol. Naw, but drinking tea and talking with someone? The two don't compare in any way other than being relaxing. So scratch that.

I don't think I posted this yet-but next year-I'm gonna actually be in the talent show. I've eliminated all the reasons I've ducked out in the past several years. And I've got my song picked out, as you read, I'm working on the singing and the guitar part. The song I'm gonna sing is Things I'll Never say. Yes it's by Avril Lavigne, but I don't CARE. So HA! lol. But it's so, so perfect. I mean the tag line to the chorus is I'm feeling nervous trying to be so perfect 'cause I know you're worth it, you're woth it, yeah. How much more perfect does a song get? Not much ok? lol. Just seriously hope my voice doesn't crack. God that would be horrible. (it's like NO! Must think happy thoughts!!!! lol)

Ah, yeah so anyways….My tea is gone T_T, I should make more-but I think instead I'm gonna go finish off that dark chcocolate, maybe take a nice hot shower, maybe do some homework, maybe call Jordan, or Sam, or Nicole, whoever…Maybe I should do that poetry thing since I'm on the pc….ok yeah. I will.

-Jessica lynn


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