Band Banquet-Whoo Hoo

June 17, 2006

No enthusiasm here I know. Sleepy. Last night I was on AIM until like midnight. *yawn* I’m listenin to a little Good Charlotte here πŸ™‚ . Trying not to do to much now-I finally got my hair perfect. lol. MY sis got a drumset today. And oh…even if it is band banquet-I managed to start the day off with taking a hammer to pair of closet doors in the hot sun and pounding them to pieces. Nice huh? Got a nice tan doin’ it too ;). lol. I think at 3 I’ll start getting my dress, make-up etc on, gives me a little more than an hour-that should be enough.Β 

I almost called Jordan at like 11 last night you know. He should be gald I didn’t. Actually it was kinda funny-I still thought it was like 8-so I picked up the phone and then saw the time. lol. He didn’t call me back 😦 lol, jk. I think Jordan has an aversion to calling ME back….So I just get to call him all the time πŸ˜€ lol. OR maybe he lost the phone again. That’s ok. No matter-I won’t be here for long anyway.

You know I think Wyatt is trying to make me hate Jordan. Wait-no-I KNOW Wyatt is trying to make me hate Jordan. Mostly because I have better reasons to think he’s lying than telling the truth. Wyatt is trying to tell me that Jordan thinks I’m this crazy psyco person he hates talking to. You don’t talk to crazy psyco people on the phone for an hour!!!!!!! Or really at all. I mean, no one is really so twisted to talk to someone that they hate talking to for like an hour just so they don’t hurt them. They usually make up an excuse like-I gottas go, or my mom’s calling me-etc. You know? So why is Wyatt telling me this? To make me stop liking Jordan? Even if I didn’t like Jordan-if Jordan never existed I still wouldn’t like Wyatt. He should get that in his head. ‘Cause he’s really starting to scare me, and I can only be nice to him for so long. And that time limit is already over-he already thinks I’m a bitch-so why is he talking to me?!?!?!

Ah-3 time to dress up…..

-Jessica lynn


One Response to “Band Banquet-Whoo Hoo”

  1. crazyguy1292 said

    i sowwy…..

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