Cards…When You’ve Got Nothing Else to do

June 17, 2006

Yeah, I know, it's weird maybe pathetic, but I AM at least WAITING for a call…does that count for anything? No? ok. Anyways-it's just a little game I picked up somewhere along the way. No idea who made it up, what it's really called etc, so me and all my friends that play it just call it the awsome game. 'Cause well, it is. lol.

Basically, what you do is pick 4 people of the gender you're after, 3 you like one you don't, useing kings or queens a appropriate ;). Then pull one card which is supposedly who you marry(but you can't look yet!), then you ask a question(ex:who's my first kiss)say the answer is hearts-whoever you placed as your hearts is your supposed first kiss, then put one card above every person, continue this way until you have 2 cards left, ask the last 2 questions. Then, pick a pile above one card. Say you pick the pile over hearts, you also take all the cards that were attributed to that card as answers. Tally up the 4 different suits, hearts is how much that person loves you, diamonds is how much money you 2 would have if married, spades is the erm, disturbing thing, let's just say it's how many times a week you 2 would get busy ;), and clubs is how many kids you'd have. Evens girls, odds boys, for those you who care either way. Fun game huh?

Well I like it.  If the stupid phone doesn't ring in 10 minutes….Rawr. It just should. You don't need to know what I'll becuase it'll ring…because I said it will. I've been spending a lot of time on the phone letely. BIG phone bill comin' up for the rents. Haha.

Banquest tomorrow. I gotta get all fressed up n everything. Earrings, halter dress, heels, make-up, the whole shabang. If I could spell that right. lol. MMMMM…..Fluffy stuffed animals and pillows. They so wuvable. Err…loveable. 😀

Grr…..5 minutes to 9….would he call? Or would he not? Does he KNOW that I won't be in touch from 5 to 12 tomorrw? Probably not…Geez I need to talk to him!!!!!RAWR*pulls out hair-jk*

*Whimpers and runs around room*…..weird much? Which is why I didn't ACTUALLY do that-I just said I did-and then here I am explaining that I didn't. Sweet.

-Jessica lynn


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