After Banquet Sadness

June 18, 2006

I guess none of my friends will ever get to see pictures of “all the hot guys that were flirting with me.” Nobody would talk to me-let alone dance with me…I think what was really bad was all the slow dances. All the guys had girls, all the girls had guys, and they got together and slow danced. While I sat-all alone-on the sides-watching-waiting-wishing. It was kind of pathetic-I mean here I am in a halter-top dress, barefoot(just for the dancing part), my nails done, my face decked in the perfect amount of make-up, with my hair done just right-and yet I was sitting there on the floor, watching the people dance. Silent. God I wanted to cry. I’m not supposed to feel so alone at a DANCE! No one is. Before all the slow songs started I didn’t care too much-I dance like a mad-woman, shakin’ my ass and twirling around. It was kina fun while it lasted-even if  I was alone. But damn-I walked around barefoot enough*or maybe it’s the way I dance*that my feet are covered in blisters-oh they hurt! My feet are all black and red. don’t really need the details-let’s just say it’s bad enough for me to limp. Well it’s 1 AM now.

God they better not make me do anything today. It’s bad enough that even though my mom won a raffle basket she’s only gonna share it with Jen, that they got roses-but just for Jen, that they care that Jen’s feet MIGHT hurt*but don’t* not that I’m limping. They want to know if Jen had an ok time, not why I look on the verge of tears. And then they expect me to be a bellboy or something and CARRY all of THEIR stuff into the house. Uh no. lol. Look I’m just gonna post this before I pass out ok?

-Jessica lynn


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