All Alone Again

June 27, 2006

Oh yeah. Nobody here but ME. It’s really lonely…I miss people, everyone really. The computer and games, and food all get rathewr boring after a bit. And the gym just gets kind of painful if you go every day for like 2/3 hours, so I’m not doing that. And a girl can only play so much basketball alone before it gets really boring…Where did everybody go? Or maybe I should be asking where am I? God this is getting really boring too…..That might have something to do with why I haven’t been typing much…Although last night I did add like another 10 pages to my book….Fun…(sarcasm)

I think that everyone like forgot this thing existed. Or maybe they all just have lives….oh…well yeah that too. Well I’ve become a music-holic….lol-more so. I mean I’ve been through “my” LL Cool J CD about 8 times, P!nk 3 times, Simple Plan 2, ALL 3 of my Good Charlotte CDs 4 times-X_X, and then all 220 soungs on my MP3 13 times!!!!!! WHOA!

Right this is meaningless/pointless and boring…..Good bye.

-Jessica lynn 


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