Cookie Dough to the Max!

June 28, 2006

Ok, so I’m sittin’ here, chowin’ down on a giant bowl of cookie dough, that I made for myself right? Yup. LOVE cookie dough. Don’t you? Yeah well doing the dishes sucks cause mom and dad can’t know that I actually HAD cookie dough…like EVER. lol.

And hmm, breakfast-time now, eggs. And you know what. Thanks a TON to ALEX, I burned em. AYou know why I blame it on Alex? Ever since Alex and I cooked egs and burned them together all I can cook is burned eggs!!!! And before, I got away with NOT burning them…more cheese for me then. 😉

My mom tried to drag me to the gym before I woke up, she said I’m leaving now wanna come? Obviously NOT. I’m gonna play bball later instead. Tomorrow we can go to the gym. Besides I just went yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that.

I really don’t feel like typing, or eating these burned eggs….ttyl

-Jessica lynn


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  1. hey! don’t blame me for your bad cooking! anywho, i don’t have a boyfriend yet- but i have a guy in mind.

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