I’m Back From Camp

July 8, 2006

It was a rock climbing camp for Girl Scouts(GS) at Winacka called Rock Out. And I loved it so much more than anything I’ve done in such a long time. But you know what. I miss camp more than I’ve even missed my home. I miss my counselors more than I’ve even missed my parents. But my friends…I dunno. I think I miss the people I met there as much I missed my buddies back here.

All the counserlors have to have “camp names” and well, those are the ones that stick with me(but yes I do know their real names too) the counselors I had this time were Samsom, Hutton, Greenly, and Bubblegum, I’m gonna count Gazelle too just ’cause she’s awsome though. And you wanna knowe something weird. My two best friends at camp*not including the counselors* were Alex and Samantha. Neither of which I’d ever seen before. It’s just the names are interesting don’t you think? Oh, and since Alex is SO determind to call me Jordan for backpacking camp, I decided I’d get used to it now, so all week long-I was Jordan. Now I feel like it’s actually my real name-it’s pretty freaky.

I think Greenly was the best counselor…Well, not like the best the best. But like the coolest…Maybe. It’s just she’s really special to me now because she was the only counselor that really got me. Someone got me started on what life’s like back home….err here. And Greenly heard me talking so she asked me to come with her*she said we had to ‘clean up from the ice-cream we made’* we ended up sitting on a set of stairs talking for about an hour. About home. She was kind, and understanding, and she didn’t judge me-she just listened. And you know what, it felt really good talking to her. Thanks to her*and the other counselors and the other campers* I had the best time at camp. Reguardless of how much the other girls talked about home, or pink, or shopping.

I miss Greenly, she was like…like a best friend, a good sister, and a real mom all at the same time. She told me I can write her whenever I feel like. I think I will.

Although the other counselors didn’t get that nice long story about my past, they were awsome too. They trusted me-with their lives, and that’s not an overstatement. When they let me belay them at Vertical Hold, their life was in my hands. And they were about 50 feet up, if I dropped them that was it. But I didn’t. It made me really happy that I was the only kid that got to belay any of the counselors. And I belayed them a lot. Greenly was really sorry for making me belay her for like an hour-but I told her it was fine. I had a lot of fun belaying her. I got her all the way to the top. And she got me up there too.

This past week I felt loved. I got hugs from everyone, I was actually ‘the cool kid’ I was the girl that could do anything. And you what, I liked it. I liked having people look up to me. And I liked the compliments and the attention. No, better, I loved it.

It makes me so undescribeably happy that I’ll see my counselors again in a few weeks. Even if I can’t spell…And you know what, they’ll be happy to se me too. Or at least they said they would. And I believe them.

If having lots of good friends can make me this happy-I don’t need a boyfriend. I’m fine…well not on my own, but without a boy.

I have chores, laundry and unpacking and repacking to do. But I’m cool with it. I talk with ya later. Maybe after the beach tomorrow…if someone wants to come 😉

-Jessica lynn/Jordan-lol, jk