My Own Little World

August 25, 2006

Yeah, I feel like it’s pretty much just me here. Now there’s not really anything wrong with that, I’m not complaining…it’s just a little lonely, that’s all. Well today was the first day of school. YAY! I feel like after this summer I can deal with all the stuff at school, because it’s pretty predictable, and you know what, if I don’t get a boyfriend in the next year ot two(and with a haircut like this I might not >_<)I’ll live. And it won’t bother me that much. You know guys aren’t everything. Actually, as much as I’ve been totally guy obsessed for eons, I’m not even sure I’m ready for a boyfriend, the comitment I mean. Or maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing.

I think, for once, I can get it through my egotistical mind that Jordan’s just a friend, and Chase is just a jerk, lol no jk, a friend, and that’s probably all either of them will ever want to be. And you know what, that FINE…Ok maybe fine isn’t the right word…it’s an acronym for uh…something else. lol.

Egos are as big and everchanging as the skies, and when you pop them they make funny noises. 😛

-Alex Terzian

Purple is pretty and so are you.

-Samantha Northdurft

Greenly hasn’t written back yet T_T, but then again she’s the only one that’s written back at all…I guess I can’t be too hard on her now can I? Plus she’s moving, that’s gotta be time consuming…I still miss her.

Well I’ve got a killer headache and I’m dehydrated…I haven’t had even ONE of the SIX liters I’m used to drinking a day…this could take a while. lol. Well ttyl.

-Jessica lynn


No One Really Cares…

August 20, 2006

Random GC lyrics. Oh yeah baby. I don’t know about you, but when I fall in love with a band I love ’em for ever and ever. Not just a year or so. So those of you guys who still love YellowCard, Good Charlotte and all those other bands that nobody seems to remember ROCK ON!

Anyhow….I’m just kinda bored… oh right, my schedual.

1-Advanced Band-Hargis







ok all done.

Greenly wrote me back!!!!! Yay! I’m gonna e-mail her…And Bubblegum, and Ruggur, and everyone else. lol. I feel so happy. It’s a little weird. Who cares?

-Jessica lynn

Look up the song if you must/want to, it’s by YellowCard. But I’ve returned from camp Winacka for the last time. Everybody smiled, I cried. For four, long hours. And then some.

Chewbaka, Greenly, and Stardust feel like my life now. More so than the others (Samson, Bubblegum, Hutton, Flounce, Sirena, and Arrow…Ruggur, and Smalls don’t count in the same way)

I feel like a different person now, in a good way. I feel like I have a life, and I know where it’s going, and for once that’s not down. I no longer NEED to lean on my friends, I just like to know they’re there. And boys, well they can come to me, I like where I am and I’m not leaving here just yet.

-Jessica Lynn