Back Home…and not just the song

August 13, 2006

Look up the song if you must/want to, it’s by YellowCard. But I’ve returned from camp Winacka for the last time. Everybody smiled, I cried. For four, long hours. And then some.

Chewbaka, Greenly, and Stardust feel like my life now. More so than the others (Samson, Bubblegum, Hutton, Flounce, Sirena, and Arrow…Ruggur, and Smalls don’t count in the same way)

I feel like a different person now, in a good way. I feel like I have a life, and I know where it’s going, and for once that’s not down. I no longer NEED to lean on my friends, I just like to know they’re there. And boys, well they can come to me, I like where I am and I’m not leaving here just yet.

-Jessica Lynn


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