There is no sadder feeling

October 27, 2006

 than to be forgotten

 All I’m doing is listening to music, reading sad quotes, and feeling forgotten. But that’s ok…because the nice thing about this feeling is I know, for once, that things aren’t going to get any worse in this moment. That for now-what happens is up to me and it’s not that bad…

  So how am I feeling? Fine, it couldn’t hurt more. Maybe. Maybe I’ll tell you later. And maybe, I won’t be here later, maybe I’ll be gone. But you see those are just maybes, wishes. I’m still caged. Good luck getting me out. No I couldn’t free myself from this no matter how bad I want it. I think life’s still worth living…people don’t change, you just never really knew who they were…Do I know anyone? Everyone always seems to be changing…everyone but me…I guess I’m too predictable…I give myself away. That’s where I’m pulling my quotes. And they are all so true. There’s no point in repeating the quotes. I’m too tired. ‘Night

-Jessica lynn 


One Response to “There is no sadder feeling”

  1. crazyguy1292 said

    I will never forget you

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