How Will He Find Me?

November 7, 2006

How Will He Find Me?-Deb Talan

If I don’t stand out like a star among the moons
if I am always late and he always backs away too soon
I walk the world with a skin so thin
I can wear no adequate protection
everything comes crashing in.
If I’m too wide open for this place
but not enough for him to recognize my face

How will he find me
with no one’s arms to gather me together?
How will he find me?
Only held by gravity, faded with uncertainty
no longer young and not that pretty
how will he ever find me?

It never seems to matter, the tears I cry.
There’s a well inside of me that never runs dry
from being born I guess, and born in life until we die.
The music and the hope for love keep me alive
still I wonder, how will he find me?

And what shall I do with a drunken heart
with goggle eyes and the troubling hunger
reaching forward to trick mirror men
leaning out and in again.
If love is a game how can it be creation?
And if I’m wasting my time
how will he find me?

(The rest of the lyrics for that CD are here )

That’s kind of how I feel. Like if I don’t stand out I’ll be missed, or simply ignored by the only people/person that matter(s).

Yeah….Anyhow-this is gonna be short because I’m sick(sick enough to have barfed) and becuase I’ve already written(typed) this 4 times and it wouldn’t post T_T

I called Jordan last night, he said he hoped I felt better…He doesn’t know it but that in itself made me feel better. Pathetic I know. Tell me about it.

Anyhow, I should do my homework while I can still see strait and my fever’s down…I should also call Jordan 😛 lol

G’night people.

-Jessica lynn


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