Night Workout

November 8, 2006

I just got back back from my night-times work-out. It was great…but I’m sad to say that’s it’s too hot even at 6 at night to jog home 😦 not cool! lol.

I feel more and more like when I was alittle kid every day. I feel more livily, more fun, more care-free, and more confident. And we all know*coughtjordancough*that confidence is a key part in everything-especially life…and sports 😛

Well I’ve stopped barfing-and right now both my headache and fever are gone! Yippee!! I feel good…and in a while I get to start my homework…joy. But meantime I’m listening to music and typing 😀 yay!

I think, even if I only go to the gym once or twice a week, I can get my old, nice, fit, semi-tan body back-COOL! I can tell the difference already and I have even been going back to the gym for long…Well it might be ’cause I was never really out of shape…I was just shy of being in uber-good shape…hehe. Always an over-achiever…well-in everything that matters… me.

Hmmm….I smell smoke-something is burning-I’m gonna go find it…Later y’all.

-Jessica lynn


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