It’s here…yay!

January 24, 2007

Uh, *cough* it sucks…*glare*

Stupid f***ing period. It hurts T_T and I want it to go away…I can’t run…hehe. And Ibuprofen….*spelling?* yeah, inspite of Daivd, I reread the bottle…he lied, it does NOT thin your blood, so I;m still takin’ it, and it’s actually helping. YAY!(not sarcastic this time)

Well….aside from all the obvious faults of this school day, it was a pretty good day. lol. I m made out with Wyatt a little before school, we cuddled some, etc etc etc. Normal life. Garrett was being interesting, as always. David was being annoying, and missing Ashley. It was all pretty normal.

So….that said, I’ll talk to y’all later. Bye

-Jessica lynn


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