Nothin’ Much Up

January 30, 2007

Just sayin’ hey, I’m still alive…

My period went away, hallaluja….not that I can spell that >_< lol.

Well….there’s not much to say really, I turned my hair bright red…I just took a bath and I smell like ivory soap….I’ve got to go to flute lessons in a bit…Wyatt is at track so I can’t talk to him until after lessons….I still ned to do my homework…What else?

I want more enchaladas..that’s what. Lol.

Lewis and Clark is due tomorrow. Mine is full of all the pictures I wish I could see for real. Beautiful waterfalls, golden-orange sunsets, the ocean, etc. I hope it gets an A before she actually reads it.

I can’t quite decide which book I should have Wyatt read next. He’s almost done with Rose Madder. I was planning to give him Heart of the Jaguar next. But I might give him the Exorcist, or Fairy Tale…what’s that other good one…hmm oh, Friday, that one’s good. Or better yet, Pillars of Life. Oh, definately…..If anyone reads this, feel free to sugggest some good stuff for me to give him. Ty!


-Jessica lynn


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