February 7, 2007

RAWR! I is sick…

I don’t wanna get Wyatt sick, so like…I can’t kiss him, so I’m like cuddling with him all the time. Lol. Tomorrow we go with the band to watch the San Diego Symphony performe. We’re probably just gonna sit together and cuddle a ton >_< cause we’re just so cool like that.

Also, I get to go to his house on Firday o_O can you say YIPPEEE!!!!? lol. Yeah, we’re both happy about it. Make-out time much? hehe. I’ve gotta make sure I don’t be too slutty though, cause that’s not cool. lol. I’m sure HE wouldn’t mind at all though. heh.

I’m gonna take a hot shower and medicine and such to try and get better so that I don’t have to get him sick on Friday. I told him that if I was still sick then he would be doomed. He said it was ok.

So….well I took a math quiz today, and wore short-shorts, and skipped the run, and did lots of cuddling. Nothing to extreamly new.

Well, I’ve got stuff to do, comment please! lol you don’t have to.


-Jessica lynn


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