February 12, 2007

I’m gonna brief you on Friday since time is short.

Well, after one helluva first half of the day*that’s meant in a bad ‘I went to the principal’s office’ sort of way* the second half was to die for*in a good ‘I spent 5 hours with my boyfriend’ kind of way*

We watched Flicka….I wonder what it’s about >_< hehehe, I didn’t watch much of it. We were kind of just chatting and making out…..and then we played Scrabble, ate dinner, played more Scabble. You know. I AM aware that this is an EXTREAMLY brief description, but hey, I don’t wanna TOTALLY spill my guts on the internet….right?

Well…cya’ll later.

-Jessica lynn


One Response to “Scrabble”

  1. crazyguy1292 said

    puhlease, that ass will nevah be principal, or BMMS is doomed!!! o well, we dun go there anymore so who cares!! jk

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