Well…I feel deprived

February 13, 2007

Since Wyatt n I kinda got busted the other day, we’re not even hugging at school anymore.

But hey, I think we’ll live. I mean, love and life gotta have some hardships right? I still love him, even if I can’t touch him, and he can’t touch me. I mean god, it’s not like the only reason I care about him is that he makes me feel good. I mean, he can make me laugh when I’m sad, and I can talk to him about ANYTHING!

Currently I’m helping my New York friend Icia hook up with a guy that actually flew out there on the same plane as her. Suposedly they look alike, and are alike. lol.

I’m listening to the Weepies right now(that’s Deb Talan’s band btw) they rock.

I’ve got homework. later.

-Jessica lynn


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