February 18, 2007

I might’ve gotten a concussion playing basketball this morning. Aren’t I smart?

Stupid, big amazon girl knocked me down T_T and knocked the air outta me. So sad. Coach pulled me out for the rest of the game. *about 5 minutes*

Well…let’s see. Day one of a nine day break….I better see Wyatt. I also need to see Alex, and Sam. I miss my people friends. My cuddle buddy, and my 2 pyscologists/patients >_<. Hehehe.

Yesterday I got to empty recycle bins. Today I get to sort the stuff. Joy.

Well…..I think I’m outta stuff to ramble bout…

Wait, yesterday, I got some cuddle time in B.E. while we watched National Treasure, go me! lol. I think that’s it….yup


-Jessica lynn


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