February 18, 2007

Nothing much but pain…which I don’t really feel…

No, I’m not being emo, but I do hurt, I really banged myself up yesterday. My head doesn’t hurt so bad, but my arm. DUDE! It hurts!

On a happier note, Wyatt is probably gonna come over today. Just for dinner, maybe a movie. I really wanna go see Bridge to Terabithia (I wonder if that’s how you spell it) To bad for Wyatt that if we do go and see it, I’m actually gonna watch the movie ^^ lol.

Oh, and I’ve been hacking my brains out so bad I couldn’t get to sleep last night, I had to take some medicine, plus a cough drop and like 10 glasses of water(yes the 10 is probably an exaggeration, but who really cares?)

I just hate cough drops. They kinda make me wanna puke.

By now, the coughing doesn’t bother me, my abs kinda hurt when I cough, and my head a lil, but that’s about it, I got used to it is all I guess.

Well, I hope you(whoever you are) have a good day, and found my little life interesting. I sure as hell don’t…well, unless I’m with my friends, then it’s all good.


-Jessica lynn


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