February 25, 2007

Is very painful….

I hurt my knee 😥 (now you say awww, poor baby) actually…I brusied both knees, skinned both, and got this giant bump on one of ’em. It was fun, this one girl ran into me so hard, she got herself pulled outta the rest of the game O_O I almost went out of the game too, but I hung on for the rest of the ride. We lost though. By 19. We’re the only team they’ve beaten by less than 20. So we’re pretty cool with our 14/33 loss.

So…nothin’ much new…

Oh, yesterday. I know you want a review. We went to Barns and Nobles before lunch, I bought The Boy Book. Great book, great plot, great advice, sucky ending. Then we went to Pat n Oscars, had lunch. Got the movie way early, w/e. Sat and messed around waiting for the movie to start.(by the way, I looked like a totally hot biker chic yesterday. I had way too much fun getting dressed up to go out. He loved it >_<) The movie(Bridge to Terabithia) sadly sucked. It had a cool plot to start, then they killed off one of the best people in the movie and it went to hell….sigh.

All in all I totally had fun.


-Jessica lynn


One Response to “Basketball”

  1. crazyguy1292 said

    awwwww, poor baby

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