Braces are GONE!

March 17, 2007

YIPPEEE!!!! lolz

So now my teeth is free(bad grammer much?) and food is good and life is ok, and my boyfriend totally rocks….Damn I’ve got a good life don’t I? When did this happen exactly? Oh right, summer/Wyatt’s birthday aka Disneyland…right.

I am SO determind that I’m not gonna take my life for granted. I’ve always hated people who did that. And I also hate hypocrits, which is why I try not to be one.

Well…another week come and gone without seeing Wyatt outside of school T.T I’ll live…but I am sad about it. I’ve GOTTA see him this next Friday, I think I’m gonna explode. heh. Maybe not, but whatever.

Well, I outa shower and such, so ya know, se you all, later.

-Jessica lynn


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