March 22, 2007

So sleepy…

Mmm….good thing I got my homework done early tonight. *yawns* I don’t think I’ve got the energy left to do it. I’m so lethargic….prolly my period coming. *grumbles* I want Wyatt to get back on AIM so I can talk to him. lol. Or to call me. Whatever. I’m so lonely T_T. Not really, but you know.


 Well I’m not sure I have any much of anything to tell the world…I showered tonight…I did my homework early for once OMG!!! I wanna talk to Wyatt, what a surprise….But really, what else? Oh I had a flute lesson for the first time in two months. It was pretty good. I can kinda play now, it’s been weird without my braces on. But at least it doesn’t hurt too bad anymore ya know?



-Jessica lynn


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