July 1, 2007

is like a miricle of the world…I love ’em.

So, I went to the musem, not alone, but with David. Wyatt was jealous(I know you were/are, don’t even try to tell me otherwise) it was fun…I still felt bad it wasn’t Wyatt. Not because I didn’t have fun with David or anything…but I haven’t seen him yet, and I know he was jealous….I haven’t talked to him yet, that’s actually number one on the my list of things to do right now. But considering he was up at like 5 this morning…I didn’t know if he was up yet or not. 12 hours should be enough…right? hehe, dunno. I almost called him at 4 yesterday. I woke up, thought of Wyatt, looked at the clock, then the phone, and then passed out again >_< sorry babe, so close yet so far.

So yeah, today, woke up, showered, picked up John and David, and went to the museum, and then the Fleet Center, and then Anthony’s. The took the guys home. It took from 10-4 to do that o.O wow huh? Yeah.

Otherwise, nothin new.

-Jessica lynn 


One Response to “Sugarcult”

  1. crazyguy1292 said

    lol, actually i wuz up till 8:30, but ur close enough. i know ur not gunna believe me, but im really not all that jealous, i can get over things babe. love you.

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