Oh wow

August 11, 2007

What’s gotten into me?

I must say I haven’t really been much of myself lately. Not that that’s an excuse for anything I’ve said or done but… I dunno.

What I said, about Wyatt and me, not really being together anymore and all that crap. That’s just what it was, crap. I don’t want it to be true. And I don’t think it is either. I still want to be with him as much as I always have. The truth is, I’ve just been blaming him, and my lack of seeing my and such for all the problems I’ve been having that have nothing to do with him. Retarded I know..but I haven’t felt like facing the facts.

Things like camp, and youtube(Code Lyoko movies!!!!!! :P) let me forget what’s going on in my life, and when I type here, I can either face the facts, or create a fantasy world. And usually, the truth is a lot easier to face than I make it seem, I’m just to scared to realize it.

Anyhow, enough wallowing in my own mistakes. Time to tell you what I’ve been up to lately.

I need to change my WP look…AGAIN. Because it is WAY too emo for me right now. Just looking at it makes me sad!(insane much?) I’ve been watching all the Code Lyoko episodes I can find. They rock, for really reals. You should watch.

Anyways…I’m outta crud to type. I’ll talk to myself some later.

-Jessica lynn


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