Yay for tomorrow!!

September 2, 2007

I gets to see Wyatt for the first time since the last day of school!!!!(God knows when THAT was!)

Anyways, we’re gonna have lunch somewheres, and then go see Rush Hour 3-go Jackie Chan!! lolz >_< But yeah, so happy! I’ma see my baby!*huggles self with happieness*Hmm….too excited maybe?..naw

I watched The Little Vmpire today. I wuvs that movie. The guy that plays Rudolf(uhhh spelling much?) is soooo cute! I just wanna huggle him! lol. But then again, I thought that the first time I saw the movie…Whatever. He’s also like uber awesome. ^.^

I have to return my Zen, we’ve almost got my PSYC workin’, but mostly it’s still dead. And sometime or another, we’re get my E-bay account set, well, it is SET. We just need to post the stuffs we gonna sell…

I beat Croc 2(yays!) I’m workin or Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, aka the first one, now.

I’m basically getting shunned at school. Nobody wants much of anything to do with me. So I’m pretty depressed about it. I dun have a lunch group or anything. *shrugs* Sucks. Sooner or later, I’ll into somebody that won’t ignore me before they even know me(or just decided they dun like me no mores)

Code Lyoko is still the best by the way ppl.

So, I’ll prolly type sum more after tomorrow. Ciao

-Jessica lynn


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