I gets a kitty cat!!!

September 9, 2007

Well..not like soon or anything…but at least by next summer. Ya, long time, but maybe even as soon as Thanksgiving break! But more likely as an Xmas gift. *huggles self* KITTY!!!!! Yays. My mommy says it’s gotta be a girl…no male kitty-cats in da house. N it’s gots ta be fixed…poor kitty.

So uh…yeah. Yesterday I gots ta play not one but TWO soccer games. Both the GU16 and GU19 games!! But I hurts from it. Well…mostly just da second game. The peoples are so much bigger…and meaner…and they no care bout the other people…like me. Ouch. >_< I hurt so bad I took some ibuprophen and it didn’t help at all…*sigh* sucks. But we won both games. First one was 4-0 woot. Second was 4-2. Was hard. Spent lotsa time on fround under peeps. And rolling…X-x

Well, I need go forage for food. Later

-Jessica lynn


One Response to “I gets a kitty cat!!!”

  1. crazyguy1292 said

    yay 4 kittens…..and soccer.

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