So Confused

September 24, 2007

So yeah…..Last night I spent almost three hours on the phone…with Wyatt. Shocked much? But you know somethin’, it was great. I haven’t felt so good since talking to him before school got out.

I’m so confused. I’d give almost anything to be with Wyatt, he’s so perfect for me…but I can’t go out with him. I don’t see enough of him. Even if I managed to get him to take me back, I still wouldn’t see him anymore than I have been. Nothing would be different, other than the fact I wouldn’t be able to move on, I’d be stuck right back at square one.  With a boyfriend I never see, and cute guys I could be going out with that I see every day. And I’d never find out if I was kidding myself, if maybe, Wyatt isn’t perfect. I mean, if I only ever give one guy a chance, I’ll never know whether or not he really is perfect.

Ah damn, I’m overthinking this again. What I really need is a cuddle buddy. Where’s that stuffed dog?

Jessica lynn


4 Responses to “So Confused”

  1. crazyguy1292 said

    lol ur a girls, ur always going to overthink things. give other ppl a chance…. and go to the football game! if you cant at least convinve other ppl to go to the football game! plz? cya

  2. crazyguy1292 said

    whoops, i called u a girls, my bad. im pretty sure ur only one

  3. crazyguy1292 said

    meant to say convince 😀

  4. crazyguy1292 said

    this is another place where i get really confused…. why do you NEED to know about other guys? if you feel like you NEED to know if im not perfect, im not. there it is, have at it, but if you’re just going to break up with me…again… just because you want experience with other guys, please don’t make it a long and drawn out thing, that just kills

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