Poetry Re-runs

September 30, 2007

Not that anybody’s ever read these poems…

Without You

You’re all I’ve ever wanted,

You’re all I’ve ever needed,

You’re all I can’t stand to have right now,

You’re all I can’t stand to live without.

Gotta move on without you,

Gotta find myself somebody new,

But oh baby without you,

What am I gonna do?

Your Picture

I used to look at your picture at night,

Back when everything was alright,

But now I don’t even try,

Because of you,

And everything you never knew,

All it does is make me cry.


Don’t Think


I think about you every night and day,

But I’m still trying to push you away.

Don’t think I don’t love you anymore,

It’s just baby my heart’s too sore,

I can’t take you and me anymore.


So, I saw somebodydid a search for poetry on my site the other, and well, I decided to type up some new ones. And why not? It’s about time I think. But I doubt whoever it was is gonna come back…those sorts of things don’t happen too often.


Like last night for instance..you know what. Nevermind. Fuck this. I’ll type it when I feel like it ok? Right now, I feel kinda like I did then. So…come back and read later if you wanna know. Cuz I sure as hell aint tellin ya now.


-Jessica lynn


One Response to “Poetry Re-runs”

  1. person said

    why are the tags alone and crying on there? and tell alex im sry but im not gunna stop reading ur wp… this is how i know whats going on in ur life, cuz im almost creepy enough to be a stalker… but i failed the final…. me sad

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