Pizza Party

October 29, 2007

no soccer practice cuz a da smokez. So we gets pizza instead!

Ok yeah…so, I got teased to no end for sleeping on Blake…I forgot people(I mean girls) did that. *Sigh* I’ll deal. I’ll also deal with my new jeans!!!! They makes me very happy. They fit, I dun feel fat. And like 3 differenet guys told me they liked ’em. One I dun know, the other two I do….Robert and Daniel. An someone else I know. Dun memeber who it was though. Oh well.

And I gave in and bought like 2 shirts that are actually, like ‘in’ lol. And people LIKED them! It was funny, I had a convo w/ Robert about how generally when people tell me something’s cute, I’ll like never wear it again, and if people dun like it, sometimes I wear it lots. And he wanted to know what he’d have to say to get me to wear that shirt again >_< was funny.

Look, I gots to go to soccer practice*coughpartycough* now. Maybe more later k?

-Jessica lynn 


What to do today? It’s the second to last day of freedom after our fire induced ‘break’ and you know what, not only have I not done anything yet, I prolly won’t do anything today or tomorrow either. >_< How’s that for stupid? I get a break and I waste it sitting here playing games. After that and a shower, I just talk on the phone until I get yelled at for it and get off the phone. Some life.

My mom says that tomorrow is gonna be my ‘birthday’ since I didn’t really have one on the 21st. Joy. Maybe this time will be better….I dunno, but I prolly shouldn’t get my hopes up.

It’s sad, I’m trying to talk to more people than just Wyatt for once….but nobody has the time to talk. So I end up talking to him anyways. Maybe I should quit calling other people and just go back to calling him first? *sigh* but then I’d never know if I was isolating myself, if he really is the only one with to talk to someone like me. Now get me wrong, there are people who have time, but only every once in a while. Like Michael for instance, he has time every now and then, but not too often. ok, maybe like what, 50%? I’m not sure, I dun really keep too much track of these things.

Anyways, my point is, here I am, god knows how long after leaving Wyatt, and not only am I still kinda stuck on him, he’s still the only person I talk to…reguarly.

And really, having Michael thrown into my life too, does not help. I mean come on, I’ve seen him once, and I already know him better than most of the people I actually see everyday.  How pathetic am I? The sad part, of course is that it’s all my own fault.

Oh, and get this, one week after I find out text messages are up to .15 apiece, I find that a month ago, they went up to .20 apiece….damn. So my dad says he’ll pay up to 5$ of text messaging, so I had to pay 20$ X_X This month, is gonna be way expensive…oh well.

So anyways, I’m finally getting around to buying (another)new MP3 player. *YAY* Prollu gonna be another Zen, cuz they rock ^^

Awesome post

Ok yeah, obviously I’m outta things to talk about…maybe later I’ll come back and throw some song lyrics or something in here…just for fun…later

-Jessica lynn

Fire Recap

October 25, 2007

The title says it all-what happened to me during the 2007 fire(s)

For one, it’s not over yet. Or, at least not for some people, but I’m pretty sure it’s over for me.

The 21st-my birthday-was the last night I had in my own room for a little while. Up until last night anayways. On Monday the 22nd, my mom hauled me and my sister out of bed around 6 yelling at us to get packed up because we had to go. The news was blaring and I wasn’t evening totally concious as I piled everything that ment much of anything to me into bags. Mostly stuffed animals I admit, they always ment more to me than they should’ve. Blackie, Polarbear-dog, Tiny Teddy, Rumba(can’t forget Rumba >_<), and that new black and white dog I bought at the garage sale, just for added comfort. I almost brought my pillows actually, but I thought it might be a little too much. I was kinda worried that I couldn’t find Wyatt’s picture…but not too much because I was pretty sure we’d be coming back, and then I could take as long as it took to find it. lol. And then I just threw some clothes in a suitcase(clothes don’t matter much to me) made sure I had my basketball boxers(the only piece of clothing I really care about) and tried to think if I’d forgotten anything I couldn’t live without…of course I had. I ran around finding my 6th grade journal, my black book(current journal), my poetry books, and my camp pictures. Then I was good.

Of course after I had all the ‘essentials’ in the car, my mom wanted me to grab everything whether I really needed it or not. Make-up, text-books, my flute, my backpack, my drill. You name it really.

So around 7:30, I was sitting there glued to the TV when I first realised we were REALLY gonna leave. They were telling us to evacute. NOW. My reaction, of course, was just ‘oh shit’. My parents were across the street trying to convice Jo that she had to leave.

*News flash: Arnold Swarzenegger and President Bush, just flew over my house like 30 seconds ago-going to look at what’s left of RB*

About that time Wyatt started texting me trying to figure out if I’d left yet. I think that’s about where I snapped and the panic woke me up some. It didn’t have too much time though ‘cuz my parents got Jo out and it was time to leave.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn for 3 days and 2 nights. Glued to the news from 9-9 12 hours of news, and 12 hours of sleep. The food sucked,and I was bored out of my mind. I have some insane bill for all the texting I did with Wyatt, Garrett, David, Blake, and(of course) Michael. I also got in a few phone calls to Wyatt and Michael. David called me once I think, maybe twice, and I think Garrett too…but I dun really remember.

I know that the night before last I spent about 2 hours in the gym, half talking to Wyatt, and half talking to Michael. Then around 9 my dad hauled me back up to the room to go to bed.

Anyways. My birthday, sucked. And was pretty much non-existant. No presents, no cake, no party. Asella was the only person who remembered that doesn’t live with me. And I haven’t seen her since camp.

Well, I’ms go play Neopets or something, ANYTHING ok? Bye.

-Jessica lynn

I is alive

October 24, 2007

I has a house

I is home now

And the fires are still going

I talk more later k?

-Jessica lynn


October 21, 2007

and the fires….great birthday present don’t you think?

Anyways, last night was Rancho Buena Vista(RBV) Tounry. We were the only 6A, so naturally we swept. But our was REALLY awesome last night, best yet. Wish I could post it here sumhow…but I can’t*shrugs* oh well.

Bus ride up=boring a hell mostly. Bus ride back=slept on Blake….at least I’m about 90% sure his name was Blake. Don’t think I’m a slut, ok? Because I’m not, here’s what happened. I planned on sleeping on the way home…by myself. Aaron was sitting next to Blake, and he wanted to sleep too, just not on Blake. I got tired of his whining and decided I’d switch with him if only to shut him up. And therefore ended up sleeping on Blake….in Robert’s jacket. ^^

If you’re wondering why I had Robert’s jacket….it was cold, he offered. *shrugs* what more is there to say?

God, I feel like I’m some sort of slut or something just mentioning all of these guys here. But…I mean they’re my friends…what am I gonna do, pretend they dun exist? If I’d borrowed Alex’s jacket, or slept on Hannah, it wouldn’t be weird, so why is this? *sigh*

Oh, by the way-something amazing, Robert, is like Michael’s evil twin….only I met Robert first, he’s older and doesn’t have blue eyes…his are brown. But OTHERWISE, they’re like, identical. Maybe. I wouldn’t swear on it, but it IS close.

So yeah, no soccer game today because of the smoke. No new jeans either. I’m gonna go play some games, talk to ya later!

-Jessica lynn

If you ever read this…

October 19, 2007

Hi Micheal(I have no idea if I’m spellin’ your name right) is Jessie(you should know that) and this, is my blog(omg I would’ve never known) and I, am havin’ fun makin’ fun of myself ^.^ Whatever you read on here, dun take it too seriously. An dun be offended….if there’s any reason to be offended, I dunno. And dun think I is too weird…I mean come on, this is like my online journal thingy….it’s mostly entertainment, for myself…and like the 2 people that read it. oh, and the other like quarter of it is like an outlet…for life >_<

IMPORTANT-leave comments!!! Lots and lots of comments!! <-lolz

Ok, so today, I didn’t pass off….sucks yeah? Even though I was there for freaking ever. But I did spend most of my time talking to Robert (Micheal’s evil twin with brown eyes I swear) so I guess it didn’t suck too bad.

And in like 15 mintues I’m going to Vertical Hold for rock climbing with the MC club. Hopefully, someone will climb with me >_< wish me luck!


-Jessica lynn

The Question is…

October 18, 2007

Do I tell Michael about WordPress?

I know I hardly know the guy, and I know this is really fucking personal…but I kinda wanna let him read all this stuff. No logical reason, just impulse. I should probably ask Wyatt…there’s alot about him on here. And it’s not getting deleted any time soon. Speaking of Wyatt, I haven’t seen any comments from him in a while. I’m kinda surprised..but then again, I mean unless he got the internet back up in his house, when’s he gonna have the time to check this, much less comment? lol

So yeah, yesterday after rehersal, I was texting Wyatt and Michael. And it got pretty interesting, in the end I called both of them, seperately. Apparently, Michael talked to Wyatt about me talking to Michael about me and Wyatt…(wow) and whatever Michael said to Wyatt confused Wyatt, so he had to ask me about what Michael was talking about. That and he wanted to know why I was talking to Michael about him.

Anyways, I’m not entirely sure what I told either of them last night. So…yeah. I do remember before band though. I was texting Michael, because I was trying to figure out whether or not I had any hope of getting anywhere with him-before I got too attached you know? Well, he doesn’t have a girlfriend per-say, but he still likes his ex, she lives in New Mexico now, and supposedly she likes him still too. They talk a lot on the phone, and the only problem is they’re about 1000 miles apart. So..basically I’ve got no chance. Go me. Oh well, I’ma still talk to him. Even if he never likes me, he’s a great guy to talk to…yes I’m making this assumption after having his number for like three days, get over it. lol.

I should do my homework. Later guys

-Jessica lynn


October 16, 2007

Last night, Wyatt gave me Michael’s number….so, logically, today I called him.

The first time I called, he didn’t answer(I didn’t know WestView got out at 3 and not 2:30!!) so I left a message. >_< It was pretty fun I’ll admit, but also pretty darn awkward…so…yeah. Then I had track.

Since I had time before my flute lesson, I called him….again. This time, he answered, he hadn’t listened to his messages yet, but he did remember who I was/am. Whatever. lol. So, I talked to him for like 20 mintues ish. ‘Cause that’s all the time I had. He didn’t find it weird, or stalkerish that I got his number, he guessed that Wyatt was my ex*sniffles* he didn’t find it weird that I’ve had him on my mind for the past two weeks. He likes YellowCard*sweet!* I can’t really think of much else we talked about. I spent a lot of time feeling kinda shocked, happy, and distant. Like I wasn’t really sure this was happening. You know?

Then I had my lesson and now here I am. Planning on calling Michael and/or Wyatt later tonight, but needing to do homework first.

Maybe I’ll give you some more info later yeah?

Oh, and quick rewind. Yesterday, on my way home with my migrain, my mom thought I was just getting an easy out from parade tryouts*which I didn’t make by the way* so she yelled at me most of the way home*yeah that’s right, while I was crying* How’s that for tough luck? Going home to get some peace quiet and sleep, and getting bitched at instead. HA! Sucks….ok, yeah, done now. Later guys.

-Jessica lynn

and I’m not feeling so great either.

I left school crying like a little girl ’cause I had a migrain….pathetic much??? Then I came home and collapsed. I slept until school got out.

And yesterday, I talked to Wyatt you know? And it was all good fun and all…but when I was texting him later…I dunno why, it kinda felt like we were fighting. He wasn’t to happy with me I think. And didn’t know what to do, what to say. I felt like an idiot. And really wish I’d just gone to sleep instead of texting him. Before we started texting I was feeling like he was the greatest guy in the world. The best friend a girl could have. The best friend I could ever want. And I’m questioning if I did something wrong now. I’m so messed up right now that I don’t even know. It’s not cool.

Wyatt said he was gonna get Michael’s number for me, if he could. And really, I never expected to get it from anyone but Michael himself(that is if I ever see him again) so it was a real shocker when Wyatt said that. And it was also really sweet. Most people won’t do anything for me. Even if it is easy. I just wish I could be nice to him somehow. I just don’t know how is all…

I really shouldn’t be typing right now. It hurts my head. But…I just needed to let the world know that Wyatt was the greatest guy in the world at one point in his life,  at least from somebody’s perspective.

Oh, by the way, I bombed parade tryouts. More on that later though.

-Jessica lynn


October 9, 2007

Don’t belive me? check out you’ll love it. Oh, and don’t for get it’s alomost as good. Ok, maybe betta. >_< but you love ya?

Mk, well, since I don’t wanna rant about guys. Too much of that lately. I’ma jus go now k? later

-Jessica lynn