I’m running out of good post names….

October 15, 2007

and I’m not feeling so great either.

I left school crying like a little girl ’cause I had a migrain….pathetic much??? Then I came home and collapsed. I slept until school got out.

And yesterday, I talked to Wyatt you know? And it was all good fun and all…but when I was texting him later…I dunno why, it kinda felt like we were fighting. He wasn’t to happy with me I think. And didn’t know what to do, what to say. I felt like an idiot. And really wish I’d just gone to sleep instead of texting him. Before we started texting I was feeling like he was the greatest guy in the world. The best friend a girl could have. The best friend I could ever want. And I’m questioning if I did something wrong now. I’m so messed up right now that I don’t even know. It’s not cool.

Wyatt said he was gonna get Michael’s number for me, if he could. And really, I never expected to get it from anyone but Michael himself(that is if I ever see him again) so it was a real shocker when Wyatt said that. And it was also really sweet. Most people won’t do anything for me. Even if it is easy. I just wish I could be nice to him somehow. I just don’t know how is all…

I really shouldn’t be typing right now. It hurts my head. But…I just needed to let the world know that Wyatt was the greatest guy in the world at one point in his life,  at least from somebody’s perspective.

Oh, by the way, I bombed parade tryouts. More on that later though.

-Jessica lynn


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