The Question is…

October 18, 2007

Do I tell Michael about WordPress?

I know I hardly know the guy, and I know this is really fucking personal…but I kinda wanna let him read all this stuff. No logical reason, just impulse. I should probably ask Wyatt…there’s alot about him on here. And it’s not getting deleted any time soon. Speaking of Wyatt, I haven’t seen any comments from him in a while. I’m kinda surprised..but then again, I mean unless he got the internet back up in his house, when’s he gonna have the time to check this, much less comment? lol

So yeah, yesterday after rehersal, I was texting Wyatt and Michael. And it got pretty interesting, in the end I called both of them, seperately. Apparently, Michael talked to Wyatt about me talking to Michael about me and Wyatt…(wow) and whatever Michael said to Wyatt confused Wyatt, so he had to ask me about what Michael was talking about. That and he wanted to know why I was talking to Michael about him.

Anyways, I’m not entirely sure what I told either of them last night. So…yeah. I do remember before band though. I was texting Michael, because I was trying to figure out whether or not I had any hope of getting anywhere with him-before I got too attached you know? Well, he doesn’t have a girlfriend per-say, but he still likes his ex, she lives in New Mexico now, and supposedly she likes him still too. They talk a lot on the phone, and the only problem is they’re about 1000 miles apart. So..basically I’ve got no chance. Go me. Oh well, I’ma still talk to him. Even if he never likes me, he’s a great guy to talk to…yes I’m making this assumption after having his number for like three days, get over it. lol.

I should do my homework. Later guys

-Jessica lynn


2 Responses to “The Question is…”

  1. him, no wait me said

    yeah hmm mebbe not mention my name so much hmm? i was the greatest guy in the world? when? and why not anymore? o and btw i wont be able to leave any comments till our computor gets fixed fixed not just kinda fixed n all these red lines frum my spelling errors r kinda annoying y’know? see? there it goes again! anywho, sry, cya later, anywho is too a word!

  2. crazyguy1292 said

    see? he’s making a long distance relationship work

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