If you ever read this…

October 19, 2007

Hi Micheal(I have no idea if I’m spellin’ your name right) is Jessie(you should know that) and this, is my blog(omg I would’ve never known) and I, am havin’ fun makin’ fun of myself ^.^ Whatever you read on here, dun take it too seriously. An dun be offended….if there’s any reason to be offended, I dunno. And dun think I is too weird…I mean come on, this is like my online journal thingy….it’s mostly entertainment, for myself…and like the 2 people that read it. oh, and the other like quarter of it is like an outlet…for life >_<

IMPORTANT-leave comments!!! Lots and lots of comments!! <-lolz

Ok, so today, I didn’t pass off….sucks yeah? Even though I was there for freaking ever. But I did spend most of my time talking to Robert (Micheal’s evil twin with brown eyes I swear) so I guess it didn’t suck too bad.

And in like 15 mintues I’m going to Vertical Hold for rock climbing with the MC club. Hopefully, someone will climb with me >_< wish me luck!


-Jessica lynn


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