October 21, 2007

and the fires….great birthday present don’t you think?

Anyways, last night was Rancho Buena Vista(RBV) Tounry. We were the only 6A, so naturally we swept. But our was REALLY awesome last night, best yet. Wish I could post it here sumhow…but I can’t*shrugs* oh well.

Bus ride up=boring a hell mostly. Bus ride back=slept on Blake….at least I’m about 90% sure his name was Blake. Don’t think I’m a slut, ok? Because I’m not, here’s what happened. I planned on sleeping on the way home…by myself. Aaron was sitting next to Blake, and he wanted to sleep too, just not on Blake. I got tired of his whining and decided I’d switch with him if only to shut him up. And therefore ended up sleeping on Blake….in Robert’s jacket. ^^

If you’re wondering why I had Robert’s jacket….it was cold, he offered. *shrugs* what more is there to say?

God, I feel like I’m some sort of slut or something just mentioning all of these guys here. But…I mean they’re my friends…what am I gonna do, pretend they dun exist? If I’d borrowed Alex’s jacket, or slept on Hannah, it wouldn’t be weird, so why is this? *sigh*

Oh, by the way-something amazing, Robert, is like Michael’s evil twin….only I met Robert first, he’s older and doesn’t have blue eyes…his are brown. But OTHERWISE, they’re like, identical. Maybe. I wouldn’t swear on it, but it IS close.

So yeah, no soccer game today because of the smoke. No new jeans either. I’m gonna go play some games, talk to ya later!

-Jessica lynn


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