Fire Recap

October 25, 2007

The title says it all-what happened to me during the 2007 fire(s)

For one, it’s not over yet. Or, at least not for some people, but I’m pretty sure it’s over for me.

The 21st-my birthday-was the last night I had in my own room for a little while. Up until last night anayways. On Monday the 22nd, my mom hauled me and my sister out of bed around 6 yelling at us to get packed up because we had to go. The news was blaring and I wasn’t evening totally concious as I piled everything that ment much of anything to me into bags. Mostly stuffed animals I admit, they always ment more to me than they should’ve. Blackie, Polarbear-dog, Tiny Teddy, Rumba(can’t forget Rumba >_<), and that new black and white dog I bought at the garage sale, just for added comfort. I almost brought my pillows actually, but I thought it might be a little too much. I was kinda worried that I couldn’t find Wyatt’s picture…but not too much because I was pretty sure we’d be coming back, and then I could take as long as it took to find it. lol. And then I just threw some clothes in a suitcase(clothes don’t matter much to me) made sure I had my basketball boxers(the only piece of clothing I really care about) and tried to think if I’d forgotten anything I couldn’t live without…of course I had. I ran around finding my 6th grade journal, my black book(current journal), my poetry books, and my camp pictures. Then I was good.

Of course after I had all the ‘essentials’ in the car, my mom wanted me to grab everything whether I really needed it or not. Make-up, text-books, my flute, my backpack, my drill. You name it really.

So around 7:30, I was sitting there glued to the TV when I first realised we were REALLY gonna leave. They were telling us to evacute. NOW. My reaction, of course, was just ‘oh shit’. My parents were across the street trying to convice Jo that she had to leave.

*News flash: Arnold Swarzenegger and President Bush, just flew over my house like 30 seconds ago-going to look at what’s left of RB*

About that time Wyatt started texting me trying to figure out if I’d left yet. I think that’s about where I snapped and the panic woke me up some. It didn’t have too much time though ‘cuz my parents got Jo out and it was time to leave.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn for 3 days and 2 nights. Glued to the news from 9-9 12 hours of news, and 12 hours of sleep. The food sucked,and I was bored out of my mind. I have some insane bill for all the texting I did with Wyatt, Garrett, David, Blake, and(of course) Michael. I also got in a few phone calls to Wyatt and Michael. David called me once I think, maybe twice, and I think Garrett too…but I dun really remember.

I know that the night before last I spent about 2 hours in the gym, half talking to Wyatt, and half talking to Michael. Then around 9 my dad hauled me back up to the room to go to bed.

Anyways. My birthday, sucked. And was pretty much non-existant. No presents, no cake, no party. Asella was the only person who remembered that doesn’t live with me. And I haven’t seen her since camp.

Well, I’ms go play Neopets or something, ANYTHING ok? Bye.

-Jessica lynn


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