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October 27, 2007

What to do today? It’s the second to last day of freedom after our fire induced ‘break’ and you know what, not only have I not done anything yet, I prolly won’t do anything today or tomorrow either. >_< How’s that for stupid? I get a break and I waste it sitting here playing games. After that and a shower, I just talk on the phone until I get yelled at for it and get off the phone. Some life.

My mom says that tomorrow is gonna be my ‘birthday’ since I didn’t really have one on the 21st. Joy. Maybe this time will be better….I dunno, but I prolly shouldn’t get my hopes up.

It’s sad, I’m trying to talk to more people than just Wyatt for once….but nobody has the time to talk. So I end up talking to him anyways. Maybe I should quit calling other people and just go back to calling him first? *sigh* but then I’d never know if I was isolating myself, if he really is the only one with to talk to someone like me. Now get me wrong, there are people who have time, but only every once in a while. Like Michael for instance, he has time every now and then, but not too often. ok, maybe like what, 50%? I’m not sure, I dun really keep too much track of these things.

Anyways, my point is, here I am, god knows how long after leaving Wyatt, and not only am I still kinda stuck on him, he’s still the only person I talk to…reguarly.

And really, having Michael thrown into my life too, does not help. I mean come on, I’ve seen him once, and I already know him better than most of the people I actually see everyday.  How pathetic am I? The sad part, of course is that it’s all my own fault.

Oh, and get this, one week after I find out text messages are up to .15 apiece, I find that a month ago, they went up to .20 apiece….damn. So my dad says he’ll pay up to 5$ of text messaging, so I had to pay 20$ X_X This month, is gonna be way expensive…oh well.

So anyways, I’m finally getting around to buying (another)new MP3 player. *YAY* Prollu gonna be another Zen, cuz they rock ^^

Awesome post

Ok yeah, obviously I’m outta things to talk about…maybe later I’ll come back and throw some song lyrics or something in here…just for fun…later

-Jessica lynn


One Response to “*insert cool post name here*”

  1. crazyguy1292 said

    nice cats.. you wins teh grammarz wars

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